LTU Asia Aviation Services Co., Ltd. (LAAS) offers airlines a low-risk way to enter and succeed in the Thai market. We help our clients to minimize operating costs by offering a combination of Airport Operations, Ground Services Supervision, GSA (Passenger & Cargo), Sales & Marketing and Account Clearing House services. Because these fields are all interrelated, we can optimize synergies and ensure best results. Our staff are not dedicated to a single brand, so costs are shared across multiple clients. (Good examples here are Airport Operations and Accounting Services.)

LAAS is committed to providing our clients with products and services that are consistently professional, innovative and customer-driven, in order to ensure their successful entry into and continued growth in all markets.

Our team provides professional support for all your airline needs as detailed herein. Thanks to our wide range of services, we offer a one-stop service package to cover all the needs of an airline operating in today’s competitive environment.



The story of LTU Asia Aviation Services Co., Ltd. (LAAS) begins more than a quarter of a century ago, with a joint venture between LTU International Airways and a local Thai Shareholder, starting the business as LTU Asia. We therefore have over 30 years’ experience in the fields of aviation related functions.

In the mid – 1980’s LTU introduced charter flight services from Germany to Thailand and South East Asia, followed later by scheduled services. LTU Asia eventually evolved from an aviation-only business into one that combined aviation and incoming – tourism services for the tour operators of the German REWE Group and conducted business as LTU Asia Tours.

In 2014 it was decided to move the business back to its “roots” and form a company concentrating solely on the aviation business: LTU Asia Aviation Services Co., Ltd. (LAAS)

The entire aviation customer base of LTU Asia Tours was migrated to the new company, which now provided all functions related to GSA, Representation, Accounts Clearing House, Supervisory Agent, Traffic Rights Applications and Permits plus all other services relating to aircraft operations at the major airports in Thailand including BKK, CEI, CNX, DMK, HKT and KBV.

LAAS services include facilitating passenger and cargo special pro-rate agreements with carriers feeding into those airports, thus opening up additional revenue channels for its customers.